What I’ve Learned This Weekend-Nail Polish Remover Is From Heaven

Well, peoples, it’s always something new and exciting for me when I start working with new mediums and materials.  I am such a fan of getting my hands dirty and working on making art.  I am NOT a fan of having to re-do things  especially more than once to get them right.  This week I am working on some custom vinyl toys for an upcoming show (Vinyl Thoughts 4) and it has really been trial and error.  I can’t post the new pieces yet per request of the curators of the show; but, I can impart some of the wisdom that I’ve learned this week.  Here goes!

What I have learned so far about customizing vinyl toys:

1.) DO NOT EVER use spray paint on a toy!!! LIKE EVER, NEVER!  Even the primer that should be ok for this type of use is NOT! I thought I would be cutting corners and giving myelf an even start to apply the paint to.  What really happened was that after two days I still had a sticky mess and I had to remove all of the primer and start from scratch… which leads me on to the next thing.

2.) Acetone based nail polish remover WILL take primer and spray paint off of your vinyl toys!! Thank goodness!

3.) I like to start with a nice even layer of gesso to give my paint something to grip.

4.) Build up details with layers of paint rather than trying to glob it on all at one time.

5.) Don’t be afraid to use unexpected items to achieve the end result.  I cut half of a BIG Munny’s head off and am using a wiffle ball and a sprite bottle for special effects. Just DO IT!

7.) Have fun! If the toys get you frustrated walk away and come back. Believe me when I tell you that you WILL get frustrated!

Ya’ll have a good night until we meet again and I will post pics of the end results as soon as the show gets going!



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