What I Want Today

I have been watching videos for the past couple of days that show all of these wonderful techniques for using Derwent Inktense Pencils and I must say that I’m intrigued.  They seem to have a vast array of uses and can be used on all sorts of materials from wood and paper to FABRIC!  The colors are bright and can be blended in to each other for a nicely shaded look.

Here’s the product description straight from the company:

Inktense Pencils

Pencil to ink in just one wash.

Pen and ink offers strong, intense colour combined with a translucent effect. Now you can enjoy these distinctive qualities in an easy to use pencil. Inktense has a highly blendable texture and comes in a range of 71 jewel-like colours, plus a non-soluble outliner which allows you to draw outlines that are permanent, even when water is applied. Apply pure, vibrant dry colour then wash the pigment out completely to leave an ink-like effect. Once dry, the colour is permanent and can be worked over with other media. The possibilities are endless, the results stunning.
Inktense pencils can be used on fabric to create interesting silk paintings and unique quilting projects.

I like the idea that I can paint straight from the pencil as well.  All it takes is a waterbrush and you’re ready to go!

Here’s a couple of videos to give you an idea of the range:

This one shows what you can do with a simple stamp 🙂

The next two show Inktense Pencils on Fabric and I absolutely LOVE how bright the colors are! Continue reading


Spray Paint Custom T-Shirts? Heck Yes!

So, today I’m thinking about new ways of getting a custom look to my wardrobe and I just happened upon this!  I love Threadbangers and when I was scrolling through and saw this particular post I knew it was the perfect thing to share.

Today is a great weather day here in Texas to get outside (where you don’t have to worry about ventilation issues) and do some spray painting on an old t-shirt. Who knows what kind of craziness you could come up with! Here’s the tutorial and I’ll post pics of how mine came out later in the day in the comments section so please be sure to check back and see how it went for me.

FKQHYQ1F5QTFYCF.MEDIUMBe sure to post photos with your shirts to so I can see what you did.  I can’t wait! Continue reading

Spring Is In The Air ( Well, Almost Anyways)

Hello everyone! I have had my eye on planters at a couple of stores this week and I’ve decided that since spring is about to get sprung I’d find some really cute ways to display my artistic side out in my yard.  I came across a couple of really cute tutorials on how to turn drab and ordinary terra cotta pots into showcase pieces. Crafty Chica has a fabulous site with a ton of how to posts so please be sure to go and check it out!

Here’s the first one that I really love:

flashback-flowerpots-finished-620x750Crafty Chica gives a great tutorial on how to do it and just think THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! 🙂 Continue reading

So Many Things Going On At One Time

WOW! August is a rush for me!  It seems like the summer has just flown right on by and it’s almost time to go back to work.  I have made the most of the summer creativity wise though I do believe.  I challenged myself with the last few paintings that I’ve done to really step outside of my box. The aforementioned box being full of big eyed girls and playful skulls and the new pieces lean more towards an abstract chaotic feel… which is weird because I somehow find absolute peace when I’m painting them.  There’s somthing very soothing about the repetion of the brush strokes and the squares. Today I’m having a weird urge to do an alcohol droplet based background and cage them all in.  We’ll just have to see where that takes us won’t we? Image

A Little Downtime

Hi everyone! Well, Artwalk is over now and I have had a night to sleep on it and I believe that I am going to backtrack just a bit and do more of what I really enjoy which is Day of the Dead/El Dia de los Muertos themed art. It is what I enjoy the most and it seems to be what people like to see from me the most. I took a good look at my booth this weekend and I didn’t feel that it was as cohesive as I would have liked it to be or as it had been in the past. Usually you could be walking by and just say “Hey, I know who’s work that is..” ; but, this year I branched out in too many directions and lost focus. Does anyone else ever have this happen to you? It’s almost like I have this HUGE rush of ideas that come to me and I feel like I need to get each and every one out. The end result is a gigantic mess though. We’ll see where the next road takes me. On the upside I did get to do an interview about Arts In Bloom and why I love it so much. I think I must have been 50 shades of RED when they were talking to me. It felt good to be asked to do it and I appreciate the McKinney Mainstreet folks for letting us do this every year. My next show is a month away and I can’t wait. I’ll post more about it when we get closer to the event. Thanks for following and goodnight. XOXOXO Diana62669_10201040922369805_1390013_n