Spring Is In The Air ( Well, Almost Anyways)

Hello everyone! I have had my eye on planters at a couple of stores this week and I’ve decided that since spring is about to get sprung I’d find some really cute ways to display my artistic side out in my yard.  I came across a couple of really cute tutorials on how to turn drab and ordinary terra cotta pots into showcase pieces. Crafty Chica has a fabulous site with a ton of how to posts so please be sure to go and check it out!

Here’s the first one that I really love:

flashback-flowerpots-finished-620x750Crafty Chica gives a great tutorial on how to do it and just think THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! 🙂 Continue reading


Goodbye To 2012

Goodbye To 2012

It’s been a challenging year and I’m almost glad to see it go! 13 is my lucky number; so, I’m thinking this next year has great things in store for me! I am hoping to reach out to more of my peoples via conventions and my webpage and make new fans and friends along the way. I love suggestions and constructive criticism. If you would like to share your thoughts please feel free to do so! Cheers and here’s to a happy and healthy NEW YEAR!!!